The Only Single Source Financial and Credit Card Payment Solution from Processor to Gateway

DCAASurePay is a partnership between DCAA Solutions and ePayData.

24/7 365 Personal Support – End to End across all components: Gateway, Processor, Acumatica, ACH, Click-to-Pay, Workflow, Receipts and More

Key Value Propositions:

1 Phone Call! We eliminate the finger pointing of traditional payment systems by combing all the correct pieces into one solution!

Increased Security
With the DCAASurePay integration, there is no need to store 16-digit card numbers. All payment information is encrypted, and the payment process is fully automated. This protects you from any potential financial liability that would result from storing your customer’s full card details internally. In addition, the Surepay gateway and the integration with Acumatica have both been tested rigorously and adhere to the exact same security standards as the “big” players such as your current provider, Wells Fargo.

Single Source of Contact
As you may have experienced already, getting support from a large financial institution can be arduous. There is not a single point of contact you can access who is familiar with your account and your needs/preferences. In addition, blame can easily be shifted from amongst all the players, to your terminal manufacturer (and vice versa) for any support issues that may arise. With DCAASurePay, you have a single point of contact who knows you and who maintains the entire payment infrastructure you are using. Therefore, you can have the peace of mind that comes with having a single point of contact who will own any issue resolution from start to finish.

Operational Efficiencies
The integration between Surepay and Acumatica is native and seamless. This is a fancy way of saying you will be able to process all payments automatically within Acumatica. The operational efficiencies from not having to switch back and forth between systems will reduce the time it takes to process a payment, and reduce the number of administrative mistakes that can occur. This benefit shows up on the bottom line and also improves customer experience.

Reduction in Days Sales Outstanding
By leveraging credit cards as a payment method, customers can substantially increase the speed of payment collection on invoices. As a result, you can reduce your reliance on expensive debt facilities that may be needed to finance working capital.
Of course, this is not a comprehensive list of all the benefits that arise from this integration.